New York- Bayou trade

To New York: Wilson Ramos   For

To Bayou City: Jesus Aguilar

Dave to confirm.

Greg – Bayou City



The attached league file has players farmed for the three teams that have not submitted cuts – Colorado, Pittsburgh and Kansas City.  If I don’t hear otherwise in the next couple of hours, I’ll cut these players and start preparing the draft pool.

Later today or sometime tomorrow you will receive login credentials for Stratdraft.  After you receive them, please take a moment and make sure you are able to log in to the CABL draft site.  I’ve attached some basic information on how the draft will work for those that have not used it before.  Basically we will have a daily schedule of picks.  We’ll start with 1 hour time slices.  When it is your turn, you can select a player from either the batter list or the pitcher list, then Stratdraft will email the pick to the league and the next manager is on the clock.  You can also build and maintain draft lists and toggle auto-draft on (or off).  If you are set for auto-draft, your next name on the active list is taken as soon as you turn comes up and the draft continues.  Auto-draft is a great tool to prevent missed deadlines and keeps the draft moving.  If it is your turn and your deadline passes without a pick, Stradraft allows the next manager(s) to pick.  Of course, you are able to make up your pick at any time, but the draft won’t wait for you (and we won’t be able to back things out to accommodate missed picks).  Setup auto-draft if you’re unable to be around for your turn to draft.

As we get to later rounds, we’ll compress the time slices a bit to speed things up.

I’m looking forward to a fun draft.  We can kick things off later this week (as soon as I can get the draft pool set in Stratdraft).  Let me know if you have questions.


Looking for three owners

Good Afternoon,

Now that SOM has come out with their ratings guide, the 2018 season rosters should follow sometime in


We have 3 teams that have left and I will put out the word on Stratdraft to fill those teams vacancies.

They are Air Force, Montreal and Calgary.

If you have any friends that might be interested in taking over those teams, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to the draft.

Thanks to all,

John Russo


Now to the trades!

1) Minneapolis Millers (the old London franchise) send M. Adams to Bayou for A. Eaton, and F. Rodney.

2) MM send J. Camargo, and T. Barnhardt to SAn Antonio, for M. Franco, and J. Lucroy.

I believe that’s all folks. Minneapolis is returning for a 2019 campaign, and sorry to see you leave Dan!